List of Lodges

Albion 196

Venue: Barbados Meetings: 1st Wed (except Jul, Aug) Installation Meeting : Dec Secretary: Peter R. A. Thompson Address: Lot 41 Bulkeley Meadows, St. George, Barbados Email:

Harmonic 356

Venue: St. Thomas Meetings: 1st Wed (except Jul, Aug, Sep) & Apr 23rd (St George's Day) Installation Meeting : Nov Secretary: Derek A. Peets Address: St. Thomas Email:

St. Johns 492

Venue: Antigua Meetings: Fri nearest full moon except Jan (meets 2nd Fri) and Good Fri Installation Meeting : Dec 27th Secretary Ezra: Craig Walters Address: Stoney Hill, Belle Vue Estate, Antigua Email:

St. Michael's 2253

Venue: Barbados Meetings: 3rd Thurs (except Aug, Sep) Installation Meeting : May Secretary Ezra: Fabian C. D. Gooding Address: Masonic Centre, Salters, St. George, Barbados Email:

Abercrombie 2788

Venue: St. Lucia Meetings: 2nd Fri Installation Meeting : Mar Secretary Ezra: Kendell M. Gill Address: PO Box RB2614, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet, St. Lucia, LC 04 401 Email:

St. George 3072

Venue: Grenada Meetings: 1st Fri Installation Meeting : Dec Secretary: Rudy A. Dolland Address: PO Box 430, St. George's, Grenada Email:

St. George 3421

Venue: Dominica Meetings: 1st Mon Installation Meeting : Apr Secretary: Hilkiah G. Lavinier Address: PO Box 211, Roseau, Dominica Email:

St. Anthony 4684

Venue: Montserrat Meetings: Fri nearest full moon Installation Meeting : St Anthony's Day Jan 17th Secretary: Stephen I. N. Francois Address: PO Box 259, Brades, Montserrat Email:

Union 7551

Venue: Barbados Meetings: 4th Tue, 3rd Tue Dec (except Jul, Aug) Installation Meeting : Jan Secretary: Dr. Leo Brewster Address: Barbados Email:

St. Ursula's 8952

Venue: Tortoila Meetings: last Fri (except Dec) Installation Meeting : Aug Secretary: Troy St. Helen Address: St. Thomas Email:

Waladli 9887

Venue: Antigua Meetings: 2nd Sat Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov Installation Meeting : May Secretary: Craig J. Walter Address: PO Box 513, St. John's, Antigua Email:

Victoria 2196

Venue: Barbados Meetings: 2nd Thurs (except Sep, Oct) Installation Meeting : Aug Secretary: David B. Ellis Address: 152 Lodge Terrace, St. Michael, Barbados Email:

St. George 2616

Venue: St. Vincent Meetings: 1st Thurs Installation Meeting : 1st Sat Nov Secretary: Clifford P. Edwards Address: PO Box 45, Kingstown, St. Vincent Email:

Caribbee 2829

Venue: Antigua Meetings: 1st Thurs Installation Meeting : Dec Secretary: Collin R. Maynard Address: PO Box 1809, St. John's, Antigua Email:

Conception 8346

Venue: Grenada Meetings: 3rd Fri (except Dec) Installation Meeting : May Secretary: Christopher O. B. De Allie Address: PO Box 525, Grand Anse, St. George's, Grenada Email:

Research Lodge of Amity 9073

Venue: Barbados Meetings: 1st Thur Feb, Jun, Oct & 3rd Fri Dec Installation Meeting : Feb Secretary: David Williams Address: Barbados Email:

Unity 9166

Venue: Anguilla Meetings: 3rd Tue (except Aug) Installation Meeting : Nov Secretary: Seymour Hodge Address: Anguilla Email:

Anguilla Masters 9335

Venue: Anguilla Meetings: 4th Sat Jan, May, Sep Installation Meeting : Sep Secretary: Leonard R. Carty Address: PO Box 34, Dolly Hill, Anguilla, AI-2640, BWI Email:

St. Thomas 9679

Venue: St. Thomas Meetings: 3rd Wed (except Jul, Aug, Sep) Installation Meeting : Jun Secretary: Shamus Brittingham Address: PO Box 306622, St. Thomas, USVI 00803 Email:

Preceptors Memorial 9714

Venue: Barbados Meetings: 2nd Tue Feb & Dec, 3rd Tue Apr & Oct, 4th Tue Aug Installation Meeting : 1st Sat Jun Secretary: Elson A. Gaskin Address: Lot 86 Lowthers Hill, Christ Church, Barbados Email:

District Grand Stewards 9881

Venue: District Communication Meetings: Fri immediately preceding District Communication in Apr & Oct Installation Meeting : Oct Secretary: Keith E. Padmore Address: 85 Daisy Dr., Wanstead Heights, St. James, Barbados BB23037 Email: